Welcome to InviteSite by Hamcam Design.

We can provide you with a stylish invitation website for 19.99 where you can invite all your friends to any event you may be hosting. We consider this to be a eco-friendly alternative to paper invitations which can be easily shared with all your friends. Unlike with paper invitations, we have no limit on how many guests you can have, whether it be 10 guests or 10,000 guests. Your unique page is tailored to your event, and hosted on our site, at www.yourevent.invitesite.co.uk (for example if your name is David and its your 21st birthday party your address might be www.davids21stbirthday.invitesite.co.uk). Guests can RSVP, and you can control whether your Guest List is public or private.

Your custom made InviteSite can work independently or in conjunction with paper invitations. Our concept is perfect for:

Our desire to make your event even more enjoyable doesn't end there. As part of your InviteSite we include an 'After the Event Picture Slideshow'. This is great for people who aren't on Facebook or if you simply want a dynamic way to relive the night. Your Event Website will remain active for 6 months after the event to allow you to get full enjoyment out of it.

Click this link to view an example of an InviteSite and feel free to RSVP to our event!

If you want an InviteSite for your event click the buy now button below. If you have any questions, queries, or want to know more about what we can offer you through your InviteSite, then email us at info@hamcamdesign.co.uk or visit the contact page!

If you are unsure how InviteSite works, please visit our how it works page by clicking here