How It Works

Stage 1: Designing Your InviteSite

As your InviteSite is tailored to your event, we want to ensure that it is also unique. Browse our templates and previous work for ideas on how you would like your InviteSite to look.

Stage 2: Content

We normally ask customers to send in their desired content for us to review. This can be text, images, or video. Once reviewed, we will add your custom content onto your InviteSite.

Stage 3: Sending Out Your InviteSite

Your InviteSite is hosted on our domain, so guests simply have to go to This is your link to email, text, post to Social Networks, or print out on your paper invitations.

Stage 4: RSVP & Guest List

When guests RSVP, you will be sent an email to notify you. Those guests that will be attending are added to your Guest List. It is up to you whether your Guest List is available publicly or not.

Stage 5: After The Event

We offer an After-Event Picture Slideshow free of charge. If you send across your pictures we will create a slideshow for you and your guests to see. Your InviteSite will remain live for a period of six months after the date of your event.

Or email us for more information.